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Our Story

Lorne and Zara have both enjoyed over 25 years in the Hospitality Industry with their experience spanning all areas of the trade and areas of the UK. Yearning for a move back to the country and to build their own Cocktail business, The Sip Shed was born

The plan was to create a range of Fresh Bottled Cocktails, home made in Devon which reflected local tastes with a seasonal twist and to promote and encourage personal creativity at home.

The Journey

The  Sip Shed now offer a seasonal range of 18  cocktails in elegant 20cl and 50cl glass bottles which are deliberately unbranded to encourage re-use or return. These are available to sample and purchase at upcoming events or to purchase via their website for postal delivery or collection. If you are hosting a private drinks party or seeking to book a Cocktail masterclass in the luxury of your own home, give the team a call.

Meet The Team

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